MG Golf Towel that doesn't only represent the other rival So-Cal powerhouse. maybe this towel speaks to your personality or maybe your a like their local competitor UCLA a sports team that you would walk the plank for, or maybe its just your 2 favorite colors. Golf Bag Towels simply POP. If you didn't already know MG is all about originality and this burgundy and gold golf towel will scream originality to all those who set eyes on it.

  • Aggressive Microfiber Golf Towel
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Handcrafted Made in the USA
  • 17” X 40”


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SoCal-Rival SC – Personalized Golf Towels that doesn’t only represent the other SoCal Rival-LA powerhouse . SoCal-Rival SC easily lets you display the pride of your Alum colors. This unreal color combo will surely makes any golf bag POP. MG Golf Towels is all about originality and the burgundy and gold screams originality to all those who set eyes on it.

MG Golf Towels are extremely cutting edge and trendsetting all at the same time. It is no wonder that all of those who use the product are asked by everyone else in their foursome, “where can I get one of those?”

The team behind these Personalized Golf Towels understands and are deeply frustrated that almost everything that we use in America is sadly not made in America. It would be easy and more cost effective to have MG Golf Towels manufactured oversees but that would be blasphemy.

For those who question the cost of a handcrafted made in the USA products, we really don’t care for your business and you aren’t the clientele that we are making friends with. SORRY!

Most Golfers know that the golf towel the most used tool in your golf bag. Think about it,  you use it for everything. The golf towel is used for cleaning your golf ball, club grooves, grips, shoes, and even to blow your nose. Just don’t forget which side you did that with.

We all know that too often you loose your golf towel because it dropped somewhere or you forgot it on the green two or three holes back. That will never happen with MG because you just look back and all of its personality and vibrancy will catch your eye a mile away.

If you are a USC, or ASU Alum or just have a thing for Maroon and Gold. This is the Modern Golf towel for you.


Personalized Golf Towels with Swag


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