This is another tricky hole so a snap hook is not the play here. Ideally we need a Baby Draw that ends up short of the bunker that is 290 out. That will leave us with a simple finesse wedge in to set up birdie. Baby blue and Charcoal made for the better players. Custom MG Golf Towels gets it done.

  •  Aggressive Microfiber Golf Towel
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Handcrafted Made in The USA
  • 17” X 40”

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BABY DRAW – This Custom Microfiber Golf Towel by MG is the ultimate in Customization. Extremely cutting edge and trendsetting all at the same time. Sky Blue and Charcoal is an unbelievable combination for a Golf Towel.

Baby Draw also has a fraternal twin sister called BABY FADE with modern sky blue and charcoal that is just as cool.

It is no wonder that all of those who use the product are asked by everyone else in their foursome, “where can I get one of those?” Check out the Golflife Review these American Made Golf Towels

Team MG understands and are deeply frustrated that almost everything that we use in America is sadly not made in America. It would be easy and more cost effective to have The these Custom Golf Towels manufactured oversees but Team MG has made the decision that that is not happening.

For those who question the cost of a handcrafted made in the USA products, we really don’t care for your business and you aren’t the clientele that we are making friends with. SORRY!

It is clearly understood by all golfers that the golf towel is definitely the most used tool in your golf bag. Think about it,  you use it for everything check out GolflLifes’s Review on MG.

The golf towel is used for cleaning your golf ball, ridding your grooves of buildup, wiping away the grime that ends up on your grips, cleaning off your shoes so that you look cool throughout the round, to soak up the sweat that’s on your brow, and even to blow your nose on. Just don’t forget which side you did that with.

These cool colors in this Microfiber Golf Towel by MG adds lively personality, it will definitely not only enhance your golf gear but it represent the statement of your personality.

We all know that too often you loose your golf towel because it dropped somewhere or you forgot it on the green two or three holes back. That will never happen with MG Microfiber Golf Towels because you just look back and all of its personality and vibrancy will catch your eye a mile away.

Terry cloth towels after a round or two just reek of fungus and the visible dirt doesn’t look fitting for any real player. This awesome build takes care of the smut and grime using the inside of the towel and you will never have to look at the filth that accumulates on those outdated golf towels of the past.

Lastly, another cool element of all of our luxury branded Microfiber Golf Towels is that they are machine washable and as they age the cool colors turn into vintage pastels.

Microfiber Golf Towel by MG


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