Americans need to stop bitching about the outsourcing of their job markets. I mean everywhere you go this topic is heatedly debated as if it’s some new phenomenon. There is no denying the fact that the vast majority of the products we consume are made in foreign lands. But we really need to ask ourselves who is to blame. Certainly not the factory workers in those lands, who are practically working for free in horrific condition, and whom are simply trying to feed their families. Americans need to go look in the mirror and they will find that the fault lies is the person in the reflection. US!

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Many will attempt to focus a great deal of these problems on our corrupt politician. I am here to tell you that these Sneaky Gremlins have no motivation to change the status quo, and never will.

Americans are constantly ranting and raving about the price of goods and how American made products are so expensive. Meanwhile you’re the same folks who are throwing bottles and hurling epithets at Trump Rallies on Monday only to get up Tuesday to purchase a cheaply made product because the price is right.

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So, as I said earlier you are the problem. If there is any change that is going to happen it has to start right here at home. You are in control of how and where your dollars are spent. Try making a conscious effort in searching for American companies to invest your hard earned money. Finally, please remember that this is the land of the Brave and nothing is FREE! Stop your bitching.

MG Golf Towels is an American made company and we intend to keep it that way at least until we get too many golfers complaining about the price of our handcrafted amazing American made product.

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