At the end of March, MG Golf Towels was invited to hang out with Jeff Ritter, Michael Billingsley, and GolfLife TV to practice their swing and basically get a private lesson. This was for an episode about Swing Jacket, a golf accessory, filmed at Arroyo Trabuco in Mission Viejo. To say this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is an understatement! All throughout the episode, you will see our custom golf towels, the Victory Front9 Back9, Matchplay Superman vs Hulk, and if you look closely, even a vintage MG Golf Towel that we no longer sell.

The day started early, at 830am and went until 330pm. The MG Family, Mike, and Jeff even had a chance to sit down and hang out over lunch before taping some more golf in the afternoon. We had so much fun and will have more exciting news about this day in a future post. You can view the 4 minute episode below for the promo code.

MG Family