Jon Rahm’s 60-foot putt for an eagle on the 18th hole at Torrey Pines was a Tiger-esque feat, right down to the red shirt, ending with a double-fisted victory pump instead of just the one arm. As the new generation of young golfers start rising, it leaves no doubt that golf is a game of change, forward motion, and innovation.

If you read the last blog post, you’ll remember that I re-watched The Legend of Bagger Vance. I decided to re-visit another golf movie favorite, The Greatest Game Ever Played. It’s based on the true events of the 1913 US Open, focusing on the stories of the iconic Harry Vardon and 20-year old amateur, Francis Ouimet. To new golfers, it’s a story of hope, inspiration, and perseverance. To hard core golfers and enthusiasts, it’s another film altogether.

To those with a keen eye or who are true golf experts, it’s also a historical tale of golf — its beginning, its evolution, and most of all, how far the technology of golf has come. Everyone will notice the old-fashioned golf apparel, shoes, and golf bags. Upon a closer look, die-hard golfers and experts will reminisce about playing with golf clubs made of wooden shafts — the smell and feel of the wood, the difference in the weight of the club from then and now. They will remember that golf tees weren’t invented yet. Instead a tiny round-bottomed rubber cup smaller than a shot glass was used to fill and shape some dirt, to mold a little mound you popped out of the cup onto the grass so your golf ball could rest on top of the dirt. They will know that the bunkers weren’t made of sand, it was just the earth. And they will also know WHY. It’s because livestock used to huddle for warmth, thus creating what became bunkers and natural obstacles to the coveted fairway. The oldest of players will even recall that rules of golf were different then. If another golf ball was blocking your way, a stymie, there was no golf marker to lay down and remove your opponent’s ball. The golf marker wasn’t invented yet. A player had to hit their golf ball OVER the other golf ball as if it was a game of billiards. Even grip styles were Vardon vs the interlocking grip. Over the years, golf has evolved.

Golf has come a long way. Its players have come a long way. We at MitholoG honor and respect that long history of tradition. Many have come before us, but we must give credit and respect to the evolution of all things. Innovation and evolution could never be mutually exclusive; without one, the other would never exist. We at MitholoG embrace change, what’s new, and the technological advances of golf, whether it be as advanced as TrackMan or as uncomplicated as the golf towel.

Since the beginning of our cherished game, golfers have always needed a golf towel, whether it was stolen from grandma’s pantry or taken from your mama’s cupboard. It was always just a simple terry cloth. There are thousands of different manufacturers of golf clubs, golf balls, golf gloves, golf polos, golf shoes, golf pants, and golf tees. All of these elements of the golfers’ game have evolved and have been upgraded. However, the golf towel has been ignored. At MitholoG, we have decided to focus on nothing more than the golf towel. Mankind has come far and it’s a unique journey where we will continue to get better, as individual players, as a community, as a family. Welcome to our MitholoG family. The future is now. The next generation golf towel is here.

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