You might think that my favorite part of playing golf was a great shot or coming through with a good score after a rocky start. Or maybe you’d think it was just the sheer joy of enduring the intense concentration, the heat, or realizing that golf is won not at the tee, but from 150 yards in. I wouldn’t blame you for guessing any of those answers. The truth is, my favorite part of the game is even before I’ve picked up my club. It’s arriving to the course just as the sun is about to rise above the horizon. When the sun is barely peeking out, it’s just a glimmer of light. It’s still dark and there is a glistening droplet of dew on every blade of grass. The clean, fresh air fills my lungs. The scent of the just-cut greens are so pure. The grass is untouched, unmarred, a perfect velvet blanket of green as far as the eye can see. And as the sun begins to rise almost imperceptibly, it begins casting waves of orange and pink. The rays of the sun heat up the morning dew causing a foggy haze to waft up lazily into the air that you can see into the distance. It lends a soft glow to the sun’s brightening streaks of light. All is quiet, save for the occasional chirping bird or your soft footsteps on the greens. The earth is peaceful, still, serene. The day is just beginning. A great game of golf is to be played. The possibilities are endless and all is right in the world. The course is empty. It’s just me, the MG crew, taking it all in, our version of a morning meditation. Can you picture it? Can you feel it, deep down in your soul? Do you crave the game as much as we do? That’s when you know you’re a golfer for life. Welcome home.

MG Family