A Monolith is defined as a single block of stone of considerable size, something having uniform, massive, redoubtable, or inflexible quality or character. Many have associated these characteristics to Tiger Woods. If you have ever heard the word golf there is a good chance you have heard the name Tiger Woods and for good reason. He is considered one of the greatest golfers in the world’s history. Tiger Wood’s wins and accomplishments reads like a doctoral theses.

-Woods has won 79 official PGA Tour Events, 14 majors, second all time behind Jack Nickalaus.
-Woods had the lowest scoring average in the history in the year 2000.
-Woods has amassed the largest career earnings of the any PGA Player.
-Woods is one of five players to have won all four Professional Major Championships.
-Woods is the only Player to have won all four majors in a row, which became known as the “Tiger Slam”.
-Woods set the all-time PGA Tour Record of most consecutive cuts made, with 142.
-Woods has won a record 25.2% (79 our of 313) of his professional stats on the PGA Tour.
-Woods is the only golfer to have won the U.S. Amateur three consecutive times (1994-96).
-Woods was rated PGA Player of the year a record eleven times.
-Woods has been the record Vardon Trophy winner a record nine times.
-Woods has been the recipient of the Byron Nelson Award a record nine times.


This is a very short list of the depth of success earned by Tiger Woods and to continue listing his accomplishments would takes numerous pages and a tremendous amount of time.

It is very surreal to see something so awesomely massive fall so quickly. I have always envisioned large objects falling but would always looked like they or it was falling in slow motion. Image watching a basketball game and catching Shaquille O’Neal on his way down, don’t you agree that is looks as if he collapsing slowly? Or picture a large Skyscraper with no professional demolition falling it also seems to the eye to be moving slower as it falls.

My questions and confusion is why and how did this enormous monolith’s fall happen so fast? It seems to be some sort of disappearing act like a 747 jetliner sitting right in front of your eyes and then POOF! It is no more.

Should we now accept the fact that Tiger Wood’s career has come to an end and all hopes of some great come back will never happen?

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