We should definitely Build The Wall. The political climate around our country has become aggravating for many of us who really care. Absolutely maddening, it seems that I am in strong agreement with this notion of “building a wall”. I couldn’t agree more about building a very massive wall around your golf game.

Do you ever find yourself being distracted when you are deeply focused on working on certain aspects of your game? Whether you are working on putting, chipping, or distance control. There is always that invariable situation where someone that you know comes up to you on the range and wants to talk about something that you care two shits about.

Why is it that these same friends never stop in the middle of their practice to come and have these discussions? They wait until they are done with their focused practice before they walk over to talk you about fruit loops. Your headphones are in and your are in deep concentration, and its clear that you are working on something. So why is it that these people find it ok to come and disturb others?

So I say, “build the F’ing wall” around what it is that you need to work on in your golf game. PLEASE!

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