Mercer University reached out to MG Golf Towels a couple of months ago for a surprise gift to the golf players of the Brickyard Collegiate golf tournament. We were sworn to secrecy until the tournament started so we had to time our photos on our social media channels very carefully. We are excited to share all the photos with you here in case you don’t follow us on social media, especially because we received many questions and emails from you, our MG Family, about what colleges and colors we planned to roll out next. It is our goal to bring golfers and athletes the best golf towel ever, which is why we retire some designs and make room for new schemes to our inventory throughout the year, collegiate colors or not. We love hearing from you and listening to your ideas so keep those emails and comments coming!


If you missed our photos on our social media channels, see each university’s microfiber towel and how we selected their colors for a custom golf towel below. Our personalized golf towels can be embroidered with logos, letters, and we can even be contacted to bring our pop golf shop to your event. We have towels representing other universities across the nation as well. Blue Devil Golf represents Duke University. Yellow Jacket, black and gold, has the same colors as West Point. We also have in our store, towels representing USC, called SoCal-Rival SC and UCLA, named SoCal-Rival LA. We previously did a golf towel with logos for Cal State Fullerton’s golf team where an F was stitched near the corners. Our golf towels for sale are available piecemeal, whole sale, or in any denomination to fit your needs. Tell us your favorite colors and what color combinations you’d like to see added!

MG Family