Are you a Conservative? If you aren’t you should strongly consider becoming one very soon. For the record this discussion has nothing to do with your political affiliation. Being a Democrat or Republican has about the same importance as that daddy long leg climbing up the wall in front of you. The purpose here is to simply shine a light on and open your mind to this Conservative ideology.

We all love the game of GOLF and we all would like to be as good as any touring professional out there. Sadly and truthfully that isn’t going to happen. Conversely, I strongly believe that we could shoot lower scores, reduce frustrations, smile more, treat our families better after playing golf, and add enjoyment to the game by simply being more conservative.

Often times you find yourself in front of a par five that poses huge risk reward challenges, but do you really need to swing for the fences on your approach? What’s wrong with laying up to a comfortable distance and playing the whole conservatively? Nothing.

Furthermore, there a many situations when facing par threes where there is nothing wrong with aiming for the fat part of green and dealing with a thirty footer. Most of us take dead aim at a pin tucked ever so closely to the back portion of the hole that falls off to oblivion if you’re too long. So think middle of the green take your two put and get out of there unscathed.

Conservatism should be in your mind more times than not I can guarantee you that if you dialed your golf game back on occasions you will shoot lower scores, rid yourself of all of schizophrenic strife and regain the a newfound love for this lovely game we play.

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